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EAP Alternative



EAPs make it difficult to access real support

EAPs count on low usage because it's the only way to make a margin at their price point. They stay hidden, don't provide much information and when you do need help, they don't make it easy.

Cyno gives direct access to the support you need

We see up to 85% of employees activating their accounts within the first 6 months. We make

sure your people know

how to easily find and

book directly into the

calendar of certified

wellness experts

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EAPs have a
restricted offering

They only cover the very basics and don't even do a good job at that! This lack of choice and flexibility is what ultimately leads to unhappy employees and low usage over time.

Cyno has 
everything wellness
in one place

Whether you need the comfort of

one-on-one support, the convenience of group classes or the fun of private company events. Cyno can do it all for whatever you need.

EAPs are a reactive benefit

They help you get better once you don't feel well but fail to offer real continuity of care and don't encourage consistent use.

Cyno makes it easy to be proactive about your health

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With everything you need to excel available at the click of a button, we make it easier than ever for your employees to show up everyday as their best self!

What our clients say

Just on a human level, we are often struck by how much the Cyno memberships means to our team members. We hear their stories and how Cyno has helped them in immeasurable ways.


It truly means the world to us to be able to provide (in some cases) pretty life-changing care.

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Kari Bell

Senior Manager People and Culture

Ever feel like you don't know what you're paying for with an EAP?

Cyno clients feel the impact of the platform from the very start

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Effective Onboarding

While it's easy to get started with both programs, Cyno actually cares about your employees engagement. You tell us when and your account manager takes care of the rest, ensuring everyone not only knows about the benefit but how to use it.

Lasting Engagement

While Cyno's onboarding process ensures high initial uptake, it's our ongoing engagement efforts that really set us apart. Monthly wellness calendars with themes, resources, events and services. Regular engagement activities like holiday giveaways and wellness challenges.

We make sure your people are always informed and excited about Cyno!

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User Experience

Cyno focuses on the importance of creating meaningful relationships with your wellness team as a key indicator of long term success.

We even help encourage these meaningful relationships between coworkers. Allowing your people to organize smaller events between themselves helps encourage those candid conversations while working remote.

Why                is different


We don't just
give you a tool,
we give you
a plan

Our platform can do it all, but we don't stop there. We provide every client with an annual plan and monthly resource packages to help encourage use throughout the year.

We provide your HR Team with everything they need to manage a successful wellness program with none of the work.

We give your people 
as much support
as they need

EAPs are not only restrictive on what you have access to but how much access you get as well!

Cyno plans are customizable so you can make sure your people never run out support.

We make sure you pay what you should

We always make sure you're on the best possible plan based on your employees' usage. Every year we supply an

in-depth report of usage and offer recommendations for other plans that make the most sense for your people.

Even if that means cutting back!

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Don't take our word for it

Sign up for a demo below and experience the next generation of employee benefits for yourself!

Live 1-on-1 Sessions 

Live Group Experiences

Custom  Events

For companies looking to make a real difference in their employees' lives.



The work environment has changed so much over the last couple of years and companies need benefits that reflect that. Employees that are cared for perform better at work and have far higher retention rates.

Support Your People

Smiling woman


Give management the tools they need to provide real support to struggling employees and the power to easily book team building activities

Empower Leadership

Office Scene


Make your employees feel cared for. Give them a place to access anything they need from home and the ability to engage in wellness together from anywhere.

Improve Company Culture

Give your employees the freedom to

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